Business system

The continuous progress of Funeng comes from its initial efforts to keep pace with the world's advanced, from its unremitting technological innovation, value and cost innovation for the benefit of its customers, and at the same time, it promotes its realization efficiently, and comes from your concern and support. Funeng is willing to become the enterprise that the industry expects and the society expects together with you.

Shenzhen Dayu precision carving technology Co., Ltd. "3C automation equipment and robot automation production line" business, is a high-end intelligent equipment integrated solution provider. The company's main products are 3D glass hot bending machine, glass carving machine, metal high-speed tapping drilling machine, Gaoguang machine, high-pressure water deburring machine and other special equipment, and provides TFT special-shaped cutting machine system solutions, 3D glass system solutions, metal processing system solutions, cover plate automatic line system solutions, as well as the combination of the above automation equipment and industrial robots Human automation production line.

Relying on its strong R & D ability and rich product experience, Daewoo Jingdiao has continuously optimized its product structure and expanded its product market. From the original production and sales of single equipment products, Daewoo Jingdiao has gradually transferred to the R & D, equipment supply and supporting services of the whole production line. On June 11, 2018, the first "intelligent glass cover plate production line" developed and produced by the company was completed. The application of the intelligent glass cover plate production line greatly reduced the technical dependence on operators in the production process, greatly improved the production efficiency and product yield of the production workshop, and basically realized the black light operation in the glass cover plate workshop.

Daewoo Jingdiao adopts the sales strategy of key customers, whose customers mainly include high-quality listed company customers such as helitech, Xinli optoelectronics, ultrasonic technology, Changxin technology, Xingxing technology, etc.