The continuous progress of Funeng comes from its initial efforts to keep pace with the world's advanced, from its unremitting technological innovation, value and cost innovation for the benefit of its customers, and at the same time, it promotes its realization efficiently, and comes from your concern and support. Funeng is willing to become the enterprise that the industry expects and the society expects together with you.

Funeng Oriental Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

Funeng Oriental Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Funeng Orient" or "the company") was founded in 1997 and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011 with stock code of 300173. In January 2019, the controlling shareholder of the company was changed from Guo Jingsong and Zhang Xiaoling to Foshan public utility Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Foshan public holding"), and the actual controller of the company was changed to Foshan SASAC. With the help of high-quality state-owned resources and good development opportunities, the company actively carries out industrial extension and expansion, realizes the exchange of industry and finance of state-owned assets platform, and effectively improves its competitive advantage and comprehensive development strength.

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment. With rich project experience in the field of automation equipment and the technical advantages of product development system, we have customized integrated solutions for the whole line and the whole plant of intelligent automation for enterprises, provide customers with intimate butler service, and strive to become the solution provider of the whole plant automation system.

Main business of the company

  1、3C intelligent special equipment and automatic production line

    1)Continuous manipulator engraving machine

  The machine can be used for edge grinding, drilling and other grinding of ultra-thin glass, with continuous manipulator to realize automatic loading and unloading. The equipment can realize the unmanned operation of the workshop to the maximum extent, and greatly improve the production efficiency and yield of finished products.

    2)TFT automatic profile grinding line

It is suitable for the unmanned and mass production of TFT and OGS panel. The company uses the core technology to upgrade and transform the loading and unloading machine, CCD engraving machine, handling module, cleaning machine, visual system and other independent stand-alone machines into TFT full-automatic special-shaped grinding line, so as to realize integrated production, greatly improve production efficiency, and reduce labor and other production costs.

    3)Automatic cover line

Carving machine, handling module, robot, material rack, mechanical positioning module and other equipment are configured into a production line. Through the automatic intelligent system, multiple separate processing procedures of cover glass are effectively integrated, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces manual intervention.

    2、Non standard automation equipment

    1)LCD extrusion & sealing automatic line (second generation)

The company independent research and development, is the industry's first, has obtained the national invention patent. The advanced automation and combination technology is used for LCD extrusion, automatic wiping, UV glue sealing, glue deep curing and surface drying, etc. a series of high-precision operations are carried out, such as LCD extrusion, automatic wiping, sealing with UV glue, deep curing of glue and surface drying, so as to realize circular automatic production and reduce production cost while ensuring product quality.

    2)Automatic assembly line of protective sheet (second generation)

The company independently developed and obtained national invention patents. The second generation assembly line successively realizes several processes, such as mobile phone protective film feeding, CCD automatic detection, labeling, tearing film, bending and so on. The vacuum lamination process adopted by the equipment can quickly and accurately glue the label with glass, realizing the characteristics of no bubble, no mark, no scratch, no wrinkle, high bonding accuracy and high product yield.

    3)Automatic up and down line of coating case curing

The equipment can be used for product solidification, product coating, product cutting, CCD automatic identification of mold hole number, automatic spraying and stacking, etc. it can intelligently distinguish the defective products from the good ones and automatically pack them. Laminating equipment, inkjet equipment are equipped with buffer function, which can realize separate operation. Automation upgrade helps customers to improve product precision, quality rate and reduce enterprise cost。


Business model of the company

 1、Procurement mode

The company's products are mainly customized. While providing integrated automation solutions, the company can independently produce the core control systems and key components required by the manufacturing solutions. For standard parts such as motors, drivers, wires, cables, spindles, etc., the company directly purchases from suppliers; for non-standard parts such as machining parts, sheet metal parts, plastic mould parts, lead screws, guide rails, granite and other non-standard parts, the company will make full use of the advantages of complete industrial supporting facilities in the Pearl River Delta region and hand them over to professional manufacturers for customized production.

    2、Production mode

The company adopts the production and operation mode of "light assets". The core control system (core software) and some core hardware are produced by the company itself. Through the company's strict product quality system, the quality of the main control systems and components is guaranteed. The design scheme and functional requirements of most product components are provided by the company, making full use of the advantages of the Pearl River Delta industrial supporting system Select the right supplier for customized procurement. The company's "light assets" production mode mainly depends on the front-end product and process design and skilled technical workers assembly and testing, and has little demand for production equipment.

    3、Sales model

The company adopts direct sales mode, sets up sales team according to project, implements customer manager system, and develops and maintains customers by customer manager. The company follows the concept of "service-oriented sales" and requires more technical personnel to participate in the marketing. Due to the company's advantages in technology and customer relationship, when some projects or markets start, the company participates in the formulation of standards, project approval, customer technical and application consulting, etc.

    4、After sales service mode

The company's after-sales service implements the customer manager system, which is responsible for customer development, equipment delivery and commissioning, after-sales service, etc. For the equipment sold to large customers, focus on the arrangement of manpower, material resources, resources, etc., provide positive and reliable on-site after-sales service, timely solve the problems in the trial production and production process of the equipment, and ensure the production capacity and production safety of customers.

Analysis of the company's core competitiveness

 1、Management advantages

In order to further improve the corporate governance structure, optimize the management process, improve the management level and operation efficiency of the company, and combined with the actual development planning and business management needs of the company, the company adjusted and improved the organizational structure with the support of Foshan public control. The company's management team has senior management experience and good professional judgment on the development trend of intelligent manufacturing industry. With the experience and ability of the management, the company can effectively grasp the direction of the industry, seize the market opportunities, and achieve good business performance.

    2、Product technology advantages

After long-term R & D investment and technology precipitation, Daewoo Jingdiao, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has obtained a series of technical achievements with core competitiveness, providing sufficient technical support and reserve for the development of the enterprise. Daewoo Jingdiao takes customer demand as the guidance, accurately grasps the customer's product demand, relies on its leading market research and development ability, and can accurately make market forecast and response. On the basis of mastering the main core technologies required in the field of 3C intelligent manufacturing equipment, such as precision carving machine and hot bending machine, we have continuously optimized the industrial layout, and are constantly pushing towards the direction of the whole plant automation system solution provider.

Daewoo Jingdiao is a national high-tech enterprise, a tax paying enterprise of more than ten million yuan, and a strategic emerging industry cultivation enterprise in Guangdong Province. With its hard core strength in the professional field, it has been rated as the engineering technology research center of touch screen intelligent processing equipment in Guangdong Province, the robot cultivation enterprise in Guangdong Province, and the backbone enterprise of strategic emerging industry in Guangdong Province.

    3、Talent advantage

The technical team of Daewoo Jingdiao is composed of senior technical experts in the industry. The technical team has a solid knowledge base and rich industry experience in the field of intelligent manufacturing. The company's R & D team currently has nearly 50 R & D personnel, most of whom are senior engineers from well-known enterprises in the industry. The R & D team has a deep grasp of the technology research and development, scheme design, equipment installation, operation training, after-sales service and other technologies in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and has the ability to independently complete the whole process of project contact, customer communication, equipment installation and commissioning. At the same time, based on the value orientation of customer demand, after years of accumulation and precipitation, Daewoo precision carving technology research and development team has established a smooth direct communication channel and friendly cooperation relationship with the customer groups in the industry.