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Wisdom Songde and its wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Daewoo Jingdiao donated anti epidemic medical
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Date: 2020-02-22
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Author: FU NENG
"Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility", we are here!

    "Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility", we are here!

     In February 22nd, city novel coronavirus pneumonia and its total medical subsidiary, Shenzhen Daewoo, purchased 100 medical devices, including medical bilevel noninvasive positive pressure ventilator and Fish Diving oxygen generator, and donated to the relevant anti epidemic units such as Huanggang Macheng people's Hospital of Hubei, etc., providing medical support for the new crown pneumonia epidemic areas.


100 sets of medical double level noninvasive positive pressure ventilator and fish jump oxygen generator were donated


       The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been affecting everyone's heart. Many medical workers have been retrograde since the outbreak of the disease, which is a great challenge for the treatment and prevention of new crown pneumonia patients. In response to the national call for epidemic prevention and resistance, and to shoulder the corporate social responsibility, Wang Guiyin, acting chairman of smart Songde and chairman of Daewoo Jingdiao, and Chen Wu, general manager of smart Songde and Daewoo Jingdiao, actively organized the leading group to discuss and decide to donate protective medical equipment for Key Epidemic areas in Hubei Province, and made modest contributions to winning the battle of new coronavirus prevention and control. Under the strong organization and arrangement of Wang Hongwen, deputy general manager of Daewoo Jingdiao, this batch of donated equipment has been delivered to the counterpart epidemic prevention unit this morning。

Donated goods and materials are ready to go to Hubei epidemic area


Donated materials arrive at Hubei Huanggang Macheng people's Hospital


The donated materials are distributed to the corresponding epidemic prevention departments


In addition, under the guidance of the government, smart Songde and Shenzhen Daewoo Jingdiao have returned to work in an orderly manner, actively do their own epidemic prevention and control work, and do their best to ensure the health of all employees.

Poet Ai Qing said - why do I always have tears in my eyes, because I love this land deeply! I believe that with the correct leadership of the government and the concerted efforts of people from all walks of life, the Chinese people will be able to quickly win this epidemic prevention war!

Come on, Hubei! Go China!



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